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Hikes & Nature Walks

Below are several recommended hikes around Sunday River's eight peaks and expansive base area.  Choose the hike that looks best to you, or feel free to head out on the ski trails and create your own adventure.

A- Maine Road 2.7 miles-Easy
Follows ski trails and work roads along the base of three peaks; North Peak, Aurora, and Jordan Bowl. Start at South Ridge Lodge, passing the Sundance Surface Lift and the North Peak Condominiums, or start at the base of the North Peak lift. Follow a work road to the base of Aurora Peak or Jordan Bowl.

 B- Lolapalooza 1.2 miles-Difficult Hiking trails at Sunday River.
Start at the Jordan Hotel and follow the Lollapalooza ski trail to the top of Jordan Bowl for incredible views of the Mahoosuc Mountains and New Hampshire's Presidential Range.

C- Sensation 0.3 miles - Easy
The Sensation ski trail provides the easiest access to the Peak Lodge on North Peak from the base of Aurora Peak. 

D- Evergreen Ridge Trail - Easy
Double track walking path in a shady evergreen forest, starting slopeside at the Grand Summit Hotel. 

E- Summit Traverse 2.0 miles - Moderate
From the Peak Lodge on North Peak follow the Three Mile ski trail to the top of Barker Mountain. Optional extension on Jungle Road to Locke Mountain and Bim's Whim to White Cap with excellent views on each summit. *Please note that part and/or all of the Summit Traverse Trail will be closed at certain times throughout the summer and fall as the resort prepares to install a new chairlift on Spruce Peak. Please respect all trail signage.  

F- Roadrunner 1.4 miles - Moderate
Start at South Ridge Lodge or Grand Summit Hotel and hike in either direction. From South Ridge follow a work road under the Chondola to Barker Lodge, then continue on Roadrunner ski trail to White Cap Lodge and up to the Summit Hotel.

G-South Ridge Loop 0.4 miles - Easy
Start at South Ridge Lodge and hike in either direction, starting up the work road under the Chondola or up the Maine Road hiking trail.

H - Kids' Adventure Trail 0.4 miles - Moderate
Best accessed via Backside, the Kids Adventure Trail winds through the woods along the Dream Maker ski trail. 

I - Summit Hotel Loop 0.6 miles - Easy
A loop trail following a path through the woods uphill from the Summit Hotel. 

See Map for reference.